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These are the most common lights on Audi, VW, BMW, Mini, Mercedes, and Porsche. Click on the symbol for proper definition.If you do not  see your light in our diagram you can call us at 604.980 7413, or send us a message here, we will be happy to assist you.

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Engine light or service engine soon light

Do you see a picture of an engine on your dash , or is your service soon light on? Don't panic we are here to help you. Most of the time when those lights come on and the vehicle is still running fine it is usually not a huge deal breaker on driving your vehicle for the next few days before bringing it into the shop . Call us now 604.980 7413 if you would like to talk to us or click this link to set up an appointment.

Brake warning light
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If you see this light on by itself its a good idea to pull over and check your brake fluid level , If low top up, if light turns off and comes on again you might have a leak and you should get it looked at asap ,proceed with caution or get the vehicle towed you can book an appointment here.

Battery light
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If this light comes on and your vehicle is still running turn all your accessories off and drive it to our shop, it means the charging system has failed and the battery is keeping the vehicle alive for the time being but not for long.Call us at 604.980 7413 or book an appointment here.

Diesel engine pre-glow system
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If this light comes you have a problem with the pre-glow system which means it might start hard when cold ,probably not a big problem might need glow plugs and should be ok to drive for now. If flashing there is a problem with the diesel engine and the vehicle will be in limp home mode which means you will have half of the power and recommend bringing it into the shop asap. Call us now for more information if your not sure 604.980 7413 or book an appointment here.

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Traction control light

This light will come on sometimes with the abs light. This means that your traction control system has a problem and your vehicle may not handle as well in rain or snow. You should be able to drive for the time being until it is fixed, proceed with caution when driving and you can book an appointment with us here.

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Dynamic Stability Control/ESP/PSM

Whether its a BMW, Porsche, Audi, or Mercedes these systems pretty much do the same thing.This system is fairly new , and uses a series of electronic sensors and controls to detect wheel spin and yaw of your vehicle, to basically get you out of a bad situation if your on the highway and driving through a large puddle of water.This system is pretty complicated and if any of the sensors are faulty this system gets shut off.The vehicle is still drivable but we advise to get it looked at as soon as possible, drive with caution. You can book an appointment here.

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Engine over heat warning light

If this light comes on pull over in a safe manner and shut engine off immediately, this means the engine is literally overheating and if driven will do damage to the engine. We advise to get the vehicle towed and repaired. You can call us at 604.980 7413.

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Headlight Warning System

Whether its Porsche Dynamic Lighting system, Audi's Dynamic headlight Range Control, Or BMW's Adaptive Headlight Control System. They are all somewhat similar.

These days headlights are much more complicated with systems that move the headlights as you turn the steering wheel to an onboard diagnostic system that checks light bulbs to warn you if one is out, as well as different types of lighting systems for brighter light, much more electrical parts and a lot are going digital with computers in the headlight assembly which communicate with your steering wheel sensors, suspension sensors or computer  and accessory computer in the vehicle . If this fault comes up it could be any one of those sensors failing. If the lights are working but this light has come on the dash we will have to do a diagnostic check to see what is going on. All what will happen is the lights will not be moving with your steering wheel or suspension. Book an appointment here or call us at 604.980 7413.

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Automatic Gearbox Fault

If this light comes on in your dash there is a problem with your transmission or the electronics in your transmission, the transmission will be in a limp home mode where it stays in one gear until the light turns off sometimes you can pull pull over in a safe manner and turn the vehicle on and off and the light will turn off temporarily until the problem happens again, we would advise to get it looked at as soon as possible because if it is stuck in one gear it can do more damage to the transmission. You can call us at 604 980 7413, or book here.

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Air Bag Warning

When this light comes on your air bag system sees a fault, one of the airbags could be faulty ,seat pad or just a belt buckle, the air bags could become disabled we would advise to get it checked because they might not deploy in an accident. Call us at 604.980 7413 or book here.

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Tire Pressure Warning System

When this light comes on it means one of your tires are probably under pressure and need to be filled ,you can either bring your car to a gas station or just bring it down and we will fill it free of charge. our address is here

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Air Suspension Fault

When this light comes on there is a fault with your suspension system. You might notice one of the shocks are lower than the others or front and rear are at a different hight we would advise not to drive the vehicle or if driven be very careful. You can book here.

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Engine Oil Pressure warning light

When this light comes on pull over where its safe and shut the vehicle off right away. This means you have no oil pressure, and could be due to no oil being in the engine . Check your oil level first , if it is fine you will need to tow your vehicle to us, if it needs to be topped up go ahead and top it up. Make sure oil isn't leaking out of the bottom of the vehicle, if so do not start just call us at 604.980 7413 so we can help you.

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ABS, or Anti Lock brake System

Anti lock braking system, this system is what keeps your brakes from locking up when applied, if this light comes on your system will not be doing its job, sometimes this light will come on with other lights like your traction control light, and your red brake warning light.A lot of times it can be just a dirty wheel speed sensor, some vehicles have issues with the abs computers where they fail and need rebuilding or replacement. You can book an appointment with us to get it checked out here.

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Brake low warning light

If this light comes on your brake pads are low front or rear or both, sometimes it will tell you in the dash which ones, you probably have about 20% left so don't worry about driving for a bit before getting it worked on as long as there is no grinding noises.You can book with us here.

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At Esplanade Auto House we strive to give you the best value for your dollar. Our technicians are here to find your problems quickly with the latest tools and up to date training so you don't have to pay more at the end. If you are having other issues with your vehicle please don't hesitate to call us at 604.980 7413 or book an appointment here.

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