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At Esplanade Auto House we have  the proper tools and know how to repair your vehicle properly. Whether it is a simple job or a more in depth one . For example the Audi S4/Q7  4.2l engine in the back ground, you can see the amount of timing chains and tensioners that are needed to be replaced when one fails. Something that is very complicated and needs technical precision. If one chain is out by one tooth the entire engine needs to be completely removed or worse damage can occur. These are one of the many things we do here. Precision is our motto, something we stand by.

We specialize in:

- Engine repair, Air and water cooled

- Fuel systems including the new direct injection

- Suspension systems

- Cooling systems

- Electrical systems

- Brakes, including electric e-brakes

- Diesel and TDI

- Turbo /Super charger

- Tires

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